Lehman’s Farm Animal Murals in the News!

Hobby Farms Photo Shoot

Hobby Farms Photo Shoot

Lehman’s has often been ‘in the news’ over the years but last Friday was a special day for me. It was a day that I got to be in the spotlight.  Jodi Miller, a free lance photographer from the Columbus area drove up and spent the day with me on a photo shoot for Hobby Farms Home magazine. I am an equine and animal artist living in the Kidron/Dalton area. I painted the farm animal and Hitching Post murals at Lehman’s over the last couple years during store hours as part of Lehman’s arts and crafts demos in the Buggy barn. I do pet and horse portraits as well as floral, Amish and rural themed art in watercolor and oils. I completed the Hitching Post mural featuring Rex and Roy, a team of life sized Amish work horses last year. Jodi was hired by Hobby Farms Magazine to take photos of my art, farm, home studio, horses and the murals which will be published in the July/Aug. issue of the Hobby Farms Home magazine along with an article about my art. I felt a little awkward in front of the camera but Jodi put me at ease.

Hitching Post Mural in the Buggy Barn at Lehman's
Hitching Post Mural in the Buggy Barn at Lehman’s

She is a talented photographer so I am excited to see what the photos look like. In the photo above you can see Jodi at work while I pose at the Hitching Post mural in the Buggy Barn at Lehman’s. I originally designed this mural so visitors to the store can have a place to take their photos. Next time you are in the store stop by the buggy barn and take advantage of a fun place to snap some photos! Stop by my web site and see a slideshow of the mural going from a blank, white wall to finished mural and be on the look out for the article in Hobby Farms Home magazine!

About Sue Steiner

I am a professional artist living in the Kidron area. With a farming background and my love for animals and anything agricultural it was a natural fit when Lehman's asked me to paint the murals you see at the Kidron store. My biggest project to date was the mural of a life sized team of Amish work horses at the hitching post in the Buggy barn. I have the pleasure of adding to the murals on an ongoing basis as a painting demonstration during store hours on many Fridays. I also have the pleausre of bringing Ohio Arts and Crafts Guild members to the store for a wide variety of demos. You can find the demo schedule on this web site under the Events tab. It is always a pleasure to be in the store meeting new folks. I find Lehman's customers to be the very best, down to earth people! It is also my pleasure to help network with all the talented artists and crafters in the area.