Introducing Our Newest Line of Heat Stoves!

Lehman’s is excited to announce our newest line of wood heating stoves: Efel.

Crafted in Belgium and trusted in Europe, these beautifully crafted, very efficient stoves are now available in the U.S., exclusively from Lehman’s.

Discover the stoves that have been keeping Europeans warm – and saving them money on heating costs – for decades. Made by a stalwart 150-year-old Belgian company, these stoves are considered the highest quality and are widely used in Great Britain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy and France.

All Efel stoves meet or exceed international emissions standards and feature quality cast iron and steel

Superior quality and legendary craftsmanship make your Efel stove the comforting, efficient heart of your home.

craftsmanship with large glass panels for a beautiful view of your fire. All models come with a bottle of touch-up

paint (approx. 8 oz), a fire glove, a poker and any necessary handles. And, they’re made entirely in Belgium, using no Chinese comp

onents (unlike many other stove manufacturers).

Efel actually has a lot in common with Lehman’s. Just like us, it’s a small, tight-knit operation built on quality and integrity and rich with family ties. The company believes that casting iron is an art, and its committed artisans have perfected that art over 150 years in business. Many of the employees working there now h

ave done so for 20, 30 or more years, and some are second-generation employees, continuing a tradition in their own family.

The company is located in Couvin, a beautiful agricultural region of Belgium near the French border. Besides farming, casting iron is woven deep into the cultural fiber of the region and has become its particular niche. The Efel name actually comes from the French Foundry de Lion or Foundry of the Lion (F.L. – say it out loud: Efel).

Why this name? The history is actually pretty fascinating. The foundry itself is located in the area of an ancient Roman settlement. In fact, cast iron over 2,000 years old has been found nearby. The ancient Romans, fond of their stadium games, brought lions into the region from faraway places for these events, hence the reference to lions in the company name.

The S33 is currently the ONLY stove we offer with the innovative, remote controllable Woodbox Technology.

All history aside, the company is now revolutionizing the European stove market with its innovative Woodbox Technology.

 How It Works: This internationally patented technology preheats the combustion air to over 390°F and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire, resulting in spectacular flame displays, very high efficiency, very low emissions (up to ten times lower than the European requirements for carbon) and long, even burn times.

Clean-Burning and Controllable– Remarkably, this advanced combustion technology keeps the glass crystal clear, even when the stove burns on low setting. And, with the optional remote control kit, you’ll have something never before available in wood stoves: precise control over the size of the fire, with the touch of your finger, from the comfort of your favorite chair. Reach out, press the button and the flames will obey your commands. A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames: you decide.

“I have heated my home with a wood stove for years and the Woodbox Technology is the best system I have seen,” said Carlos Martinez, stove department leader at Lehman’s. ” I have worked for some of the biggest names in the Hearth industry and the quality and craftsmanship of Efel are second to none.  With the glass staying clean and the Woodbox Technology allowing for a thermostatically controlled remote, I changed the stove that I burn in my house to an Efel as soon as they were available at Lehman’s.”

In a labor-intensive process, artisans construct the airtight firebox using two layers of 10-gauge steel.  The double glazed window is safe and clean.  Even the cast iron body is made from recycled materials.

See all four Efel stoves at Lehman’ For more information, contact one of our helpful stove specialists at 1-888-438-5346.



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