It’s Officially Autumn! How Do You Make It Great?

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It’s official, as of Saturday. We’re heading into autumn and winter. So say the astronomers, who noted that the fall equinox happened, for most of us, early in the morning of September 22. (Then again, who needs those fellas when you have the Old Farmer’s Almanac?)

The sun’s rising a little later, and setting a little sooner. We’re having to make that autumn chore list: putting the garden to bed, raking leaves, gathering up the bulbs, taking the hammock down, moving the patio furniture in…

Here at Lehman’s Country Life, we’re looking forward to the cooler days. We’ll be sharing recipes and tips to make your shorter days easier–especially as the holidays close in. What are your favorite things to make or bake over the fall? Drop us a line and let us know–we’d like to publish a collection of reader favorites! Send an email to, with Autumn Recipes in the subject line.


You can see a variety of decorative gourds in Ohio’s Amish Country, the home of Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

A reader on our Facebook page asked about gourd painting–that article is underway, although like most craft projects, we’ve discovered this project has a longer lead time than we’d like! And we’re continuing to check out ways to live thriftily and comfortably.

We’ll have a series on helpful and thoughtful gift ideas that will make your holidays more of a joy than ever. And we’re continuing our series of profiles on the small businesses that partner with us here at Lehman’s.

And stay tuned for a couple of behind-the-scenes peeks too. We’re folks just like you, and we have stories to share with you.

Cypress porch furniture is available at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

In the meantime, kick back with a soda, settle on the porch in a comfortable chair, and enjoy the beginning of the autumn season. We’ll be right there with you, soaking up the last warm rays of the sun, and taking a short breather before plunging into the hubub of the later autumn and holiday seasons.

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