Onions and the Flu

Recently, one of my Facebook followers (Virginia M) asked me how to store all the onions her garden produced. Apparently it was a good year for onions in her corner of Ohio.

Coincidentally, I just heard an old wives tale that claims that onions can repel the flu. Supposedly, the onions have the ability to “draw” the germs away from the sick person. All you have to do is cut both ends off the onion and put it in the patient’s bedroom. The next morning, they’ll be feeling better!

Another story claimed that putting an onion in every room of your house will keep you healthy during flu season. (This time, I didn’t hear whether it should be cut or not.)

It seems like modern science gives us new instructions every day. Drink coffee! Don’t drink coffee! Your cholesterol is too high! No wait, you need to LOWER your “bad” cholesterol and RAISE your “good” cholesterol. There’s no end to the confusion.

Well, I’m here to bring you the simple facts: Just keep some onions in your room!

And if you need help with those onions, try our Onion Keepers. After cutting them, you can get the smell off your hands with one of our NOnion Bars. They’re amazing!

Galen Lehman
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PS – If you have some good ideas for onion storage, I’d love to hear from you. I told Virginia to leave the sprouts on, braid them, and hang them in a cool dry location.

Galen Lehman

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