Only in Kidron, Ohio…

Living and working in Amish Country can have some interesting twists and turns.  For example, I live about five miles away from Lehman’s warehouse and I often tell people, “If I see five cars on my way to work, I consider it a traffic jam.”

Here’s another interesting twist.  There is currently a blood shortage so the Red Cross is trying to motivate people to give blood.  These two signs were seen in front of two different local churches on the same day (June 29th).  A sign for announcing that you might win a car could be seen most anywhere in our country.  Winning a buggy for donating blood?  As we say around here, “Only in Kidron, Ohio.” 

Come visit our store and see Amish Country for yourself.  You won’t forget the experience.  Who knows, you might even have a chance to give blood and win a buggy.

Editor’s Note: Bruce Detweiler Breckbill is Lehman’s VP of Direct Sales.

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