The Pants Stretcher: Our Solution to Wrinkle-Free Pants!

pants stretcherWhat has two legs, no arms, and over 100 reviews on our website? That would be one of Lehman’s most loved products, the Pants Stretcher.

Don’t let the name fool you. The Pants Stretcher is not for stretching out your pants’ waistband, something I initially thought when I heard its name. No, this old-time gadget is a savvy way to get crisp, wrinkle-free pants without ever picking up an iron.

Iron Less and Save Energy
We have many customers tell us they remember their mom or grandma using a pants stretcher years ago and how well it worked. Our Pants Stretcher is much like its vintage counterparts. It has a similar design (metal stretchers for each pant leg) and is still used the same way. But it’s made of rust-resistant steel for long-lasting use.

The real perk, though, is how your jeans or dress slacks will look. The stretchers keep your pants from wrinkling while giving them a nice, crisp crease. In fact, one customer told us her husband’s work slacks “looked like they’ve just been picked up from the dry cleaners.” (Not bad, huh?)

Get perfect creases. The Pants Stretcher is available at

Plus, you can skip the iron and save time, which is good news if you’re not fond of ironing or perhaps not as skilled in this area. (I always seem to add more wrinkles when I iron.) You can also skip the energy-consuming electric dryer, which is a gentler choice for both the environment and your clothes.

How to Use the Pants Stretcher
Right after you wash your pants, insert a pants stretcher into each leg along the crease and then hang them up to dry either in your laundry room or outside on a clothesline. 

For step-by-step instructions, just watch our how-to video below. I hope the Pants Stretcher makes laundry day a little simpler for you!