Making Paper Boxes

Fall is on its way and school is back in session. Keeping school papers and other household paper work organized is a challenge.  I myself have already misplaced papers that my daughter needed for school. There are many options out there to help keep us organized but many just look boring or utilitarian (and some cost a small fortune). A simple paper box that you design and create yourself can be an excellent way to store important papers in one place and show your personality at the same time.

Gather all of your supplies together before you begin. You will need: heavyweight drawing paper, cut into one 10 5/8-inch square and one 11-inch square; scissors; Crayons or markers; glitter glue, stickers or stamps; Paints and brushes.

I will warn you before I start explaining this that there is a lot of folding involved. Also, if you are like me and crafting is hit or miss, don’t expect your box to perfect the first time.

We will make the bottom first by folding the smaller sheet of paper diagonally. Then, fold both sides corner to corner and crease the folds. When you unfold, you should have an “X” across your paper. Fold all four corners so that they meet in the middle. Crease well and unfold. Fold each corner so that it reaches the farthest crease line across from it. Crease well and unfold. Fold each corner to the closest crease line. Crease well and unfold. You should now have a pattern of squares.

We will now take a tiny break from folding and at one corner make two cuts, two squares deep and two squares apart. Make same cuts in the corner opposite. Place the paper with the cuts pointing up and down. Fold the left and right corners along the crease lines two times, bringing the two sides up vertically. Bend the pointed ends towards one another crossing them. Bring the bottom cut portion of the paper up and over the crossed ends. Fold it down over the ends and tuck it so that it stays put. Repeat this with the top corner. The bottom of your box is now completed. You can decorate your box, if you wish to do so, before or after assembly.

You will make your lid the same way that you made the bottom. Just remember to decorate your lid before cutting and assembling.

These wonderful paper boxes can be made in many sizes, so use your imagination and design your own. Expand their use from just holding papers and use them for crafting or sewing supplies, gift boxes, or anything else you can come up with. The main idea is to just have fun.