Photo Caption Contest

Photo taken recently near Kidron, OH. What do you suppose this local Amish man did to need the Long Arm of the Law? Send your ideas for a funny (or serious) caption to Our esteemed team of judges (also known as the catalog and web staff) will chose a winner for a $100 gift certificate to Lehman’s. And, we’ll post some of our favorite responses.

Please respond by Friday, Aug. 14, 2009, and include your name and email address.


About Diane

I have been blessed with an artistic eye in which I use painting or photography to bring out the images in my head.

6 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest

  1. Officer I know I have alot of horsepower, but please give me break on this speeding ticket

  2. Christina Miller

    I am sorry Officer, there just doesn’t seem to be enough sunshine to power my solar powered blinkers today! This is really not my fault officer– I heard from kinfolk that Mother Nature was laid off.

  3. Why sure officer, I got this team of horses over at Millers on Emerson Rd. and the wagon came from Sugarcreek. I think you’d like a pair just fine.