Prepping: Hype or Common Sense?

The recent launch of the National Geographic channel’s new series, “Doomsday Preppers,” has created quite a stir in the break room conversations here. Maybe that’s also happening where you work. The general thought is that although there are some extremes in any case, there are certain things we all can do to make sure we’re ready if there’s an emergency.

So, if you have a plan, are you confident that it’s the best for you and your family?

4-Day, 4-Person Emergency Backpack

4-Day, 4-Person Emergency Backpack

There are many resources out there that you can use to review your emergency preparedness kit and plans, and possibly refine what you already have in place. A great place to start online is, a multifaceted preparedness site. Here, preparedness novices can find out what to put in a preparedness kit.  Local Red Cross offices or are excellent starting points — they even offer customized plans for hurricanes, snowstorms and other emergencies. Folks more familiar can use these websites to check things like storage dates, and glean ideas to fine-tune their preparedness kits.

Hanging Oil Lamp

Hanging Oil Lamp

Here at Lehman’s, we’re pleased to offer sensible, durable equipment that you can use every day–but you can also plan on including those items in your preparedness kit. When you need non-electric lamps and fuel for those lamps, water filtration systems, canning supplies, pressure cookers, home meat processing supplies, grain mills and grain in bulk, or even canned meats and broths by the case, we’re pleased to be your provider for those products, many of which are American-made.

Lehman's Canned Beef Meat

Lehman’s Canned Beef Meat

We also believe that while there is clearly a risk of significant disasters stemming from terrorist attack, electromagnetic pulses, continental shifts (etc), the most likely risk may by that of extended and regular power failures.  It seems clear that our electric grid is aging.  Power failures, at least here in Ohio, are much more common than they used to be.  We believe that all Americans should have some level of preparedness.

Sensible, sustainable lifestyles demand conscious, creative planning. Let Lehman’s help you be prepared – not scared.

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