The ‘Real’ Old-Fashioned Stuff

Lately, I’ve seen a Facebook quiz that reminds me that my salad days are long gone. There are photos of various items I clearly remember from my childhood and teen years. Things like the yellow plastic discs we used to pop into our 45s so we could play them on our portable record players. Or a roller-skate key. The latest was an aluminum ice cube pan, you know, the kind with the lever!

Each photo has a notation: “If you are old enough to know what this is, like and share!” The implication is that only we old folks will do that…if we can figure out how!

The ornery part of me wants to put together a quiz with words and pictures of really old-fashioned stuff and start it around. “Match the following photos with the correct words. Like and share!” I’m afraid that would be wasted on the greater Facebook crowd, though.

Then I thought, “Country Life folks would be game to check this out!” So, presented for your enjoyment are four pictures and four words just below. How many of the lettered items can you match with the four photos below? You may have to scroll down a bit to see the item under each number.

Look for the follow up blog that has the answers and what each of these items do!


A. darner    B. gambrel   C. husking peg   D. peavy














corn peg