Really Old-Fashioned Stuff: The Answers!

Earlier this week, we posted a little quiz asking you if you could identify really old-fashioned stuff. For those of you who are stuck on a particular item, the answers and purposes for each item are below!

Sock Darning Ball

A. darner ball (or darning egg) matches with photo #2
Darners are used to support hand-knit socks or other items so that small holes or weak spots in the knitted item holes can be mended.  Essentially, one does duplicate stitch (Swiss darning) with darning needles and the original yarn. This technique can also be used on sweaters. In the videohere, you’ll see a sock darning ball that looks just like one you can pick up from Lehman’s!

B. gambrel matches with photo #4
When the time comes to hang and butcher your game, hogs or calves, you’ll want one a high-quality stainless steel gambrel. Click here to find out more.

C. husking peg  matches with item #3
Harvesting and husking by hand goes much easier with this classic tool. If you want to teach youngsters to husk quickly and cleanly, get one before harvest season.

D. peavy matches with item #1
When you’re out in the woodlot, don’t be without a peavy. A solid maple hardwood handle makes it easy to use all day long, and the iron hook can be sharpened as needed.