Seat of my Pants at Lehman’s

As I have been working in the marketing area of Lehman’s, I have found one thing as a powerful selling point: word-of-mouth. People respond well when others who have used the product tell them their experience. A whole blog community has been started up on that concept. As a result, I have something I want to share.

This weekend at our store in Kidron, one of the artisans that is going to be there is Seat of my Pants. Jen Kindbom creates beautful and durable bags by the “seat of her pants.” She doesn’t use a pattern: they are original. The best part is you can customize them.  She has different websites that she orders fabric from and she can even do a custom design.

When my mom and I went to check out what she had, I was blown away. I have a friend that has one and I loved her bag. I asked her where she got it and she gave me Jen’s card. My mom wasn’t sure if she was going to get one, but she saw some fabric that she loved and a design she really appreciated and ordered one. I picked one from some that were already completed. It is big enough to hold my wallet, planner, a small digital camera, card reader, and a few other items and it still has space!

If you happen to be in Kidron this weekend, stop by Lehman’s and find Jen. If you are interested and won’t be around this weekend, you can find her at


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