Severe Weather Safety Tips

After a very stormy and snowy winter, I am not alone to want spring to come – but with the milder weather can come severe weather.  Some can bring very dangerous winds, flooding and even tornadoes.

With some proper planning we can protect our families and property.

Prior to the Storm
1. Develop a plan for you and your family for at home, work and school.
2. Have frequent drills on the plan.
3. Know the community you live in, and identify shelters in your area.
4. Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio with a warning tone and battery back-up for weather warnings.

Make a Disaster Kit
A disaster kit at a minimum should include the following:
– A three day supply of water and food that will not spoil.
– One change of clothes with footwear per person.
– A blanket per person.
– A first aid kit.
– Portable radio, flashlight and batteries.
– Cash and credit cards.
– Special items, which may be necessary in an emergency – medicine, hygiene items, etc.

Weather Watches and Warnings:
– A severe weather watch means conditions are favorable for severe weather.

– A severe weather warning means that severe weather is imminent.

– If a warning has been issued, take cover in a basement or the center of your home or office. Stay away from windows. Have a Disaster Kit on hand.

Stay safe and be ready for emergencies this Spring!

About Dori Fritzinger

I live and work with my multi-generational family in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. We have a farm of cows and calves, wool sheep, dairy goats, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, honey bees, a horse and a donkey. We have a goat's milk soap and bath products line available on our farm web site. I enjoy reading, quilting and doing embroidery.

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