“So, that’s your laundry bag?”

Stuff a shirt into each leg, then smaller items in the middle, topping off with another shirt or pair of jeans.

Imagine finding this at the bottom of the stairs!

This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes, wash our clothes…Remember that old nursery rhyme? It certainly ran through my head when I saw how a friend dealt with her laundry last Monday.

“So, that’s your laundry bag?”

Imagine my surprise last Monday when I came down the stairs to find an overstuffed pair of jeans.

“Oh, sure,” my friend answered. “I just stuff a shirt in to seal each leg, put smaller items like T-shirts and underthings in, then top it off with another pair of jeans or a shirt and toss it over the banister to the ground floor. Everything stays in. I can even sort by colors if I have enough pairs of pants. It’s easier than the laundry bag or basket, and I don’t have to have a place for the basket or bag. I just pop everything into the washer, and then lay it onto the floor dryer on the sunporch to dry.” Her laundry room is really a closet off her kitchen, so I could appreciate her space-saving cleverness!

It’s certainly making me rethink my traditional laundry basket! And anything that makes laundry day easier is certainly a plus.