Some Basil A Day Keeps Skeeters Away

I don’t know about where you live, but our muggy, humid summer days are filled with swarming mosquitoes. You know the kind, the ones that especially love the sweet, plump flesh of a toddler!

Last summer, in my search for an all natural insect repellent recipe, which would have to be safe enough to spread on my baby’s delicate skin, I discovered the simplest, most effective remedy I’ve found yet…FRESH BASIL!

Not only is basil a delicious herb to add to your favorite Italian dishes, it also acts as an amazing, straight-from-the-garden pest repellent.

I was extremely skeptical the first time we tried it out. Especially on my kids, seeing as their sweaty little selves just seemed to be magnets to mosquitoes. But after rubbing them down with fresh leaves, and letting them run around the yard for a few hours, I was super excited to find that none of the children had a single mosquito bite on them! Amazing!!

I am LOVING not having to spray the kids with who-knows-what anymore! Now when they go outside, they head straight into the garden to rub down with some freshly picked basil leaves before going to play.

It’s safe, effective, and free!! Gotta love that basil.

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