Summer To-Do List (Only 81 Days of Vacation Left!)

Today is the first day of summer vacation for most of my nieces and my nephew. Over the Memorial Day holiday, I heard about all sorts of summer things they plan to squeeze in before school starts again on or around August 22.  Below, there’s a short list of what my family will be doing. What’s on your plate? Let us know with a response here or via Facebook!

1. Week-long Boy Scout camp (The Lone Nephew on my side of the family.)

2. Lifeguarding at the local pool (This is the second summer the oldest niece has been a lifeguard.)

3. Summer swim team (One of the younger teens has been on summer swim team now for 5 years.)

4. Traveling to Myrtle Beach with the extended family (My husband’s nieces.)

5. Visiting with family on the way to Myrtle Beach, bringing them Ohio things they miss!

6. Volunteering at various community cultural activities as event staff and demonstrating various skills (Too many of us to count!)

7. Spending a few weekends participating at historical re-enactments (That would be the husband and I)

8. Helping with maintenance chores and projects at our churches (Again, too many of us to count!)

9. Moving to a new home and getting to know the neighbors (The husband and I.)

10. Celebrating four family summer birthdays between June and August. (All of us!)