Sweet Tea Concentrate Kicks off Holiday With A Bang

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Our guest blogger, Sharon Petersen of Simply Canning, has passed along the best idea! She makes sweet tea concentrate, so she can always serve her family fresh, cold iced tea. It’s so easy that we’re wondering why WE didn’t think of it before now!

Her recipe:
1 quart boiling water
1 family sized tea bag or 2-3 regular tea bags
2/3 cup sugar
Dump the sugar into a quart canning jar, and pour the boiling water over it, so the sugar dissolves. Pop in the tea bag (or tea bags), and let steep to the strength you like.

Cover the jar, and store the concentrate in the refrigerator.
To serve: Pour concentrate into gallon pitcher. Fill with ice water to make one gallon. Stir well.

Really. That’s it. It’s really that easy.

Because it’s so sweet, the mix must be refrigerated. Sharon says she’s never had the concentrate go bad–her hubby and sons drink at least a jar’s worth a day!

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Be sure you use a canning jar to make the concentrate. Canning jar glass is specially formulated to handle high temperatures. Not all glass jars are, and plastic ones certainly aren’t. And our convenient Plastic Storage Caps will seal your concentrate jars right up, even if the concentrate’s still a bit warm.

Make several batches, and you’ll have plenty of cold iced tea for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

(Editor’s note: I’ve done this with unsweetened tea too, and it works just as well. Considering I can drink a gallon on my own, it’s pretty useful. I’m never out of iced tea these days!)

Check out the original post at Sharon’s Simply Canning blog: