Testing an Aladdin mantle

I recently had the privilege of testing one of the new prototype Aladdin mantles. My mantle came from batch #6 of the prototypes. Aladdin is currently testing version #7 and (according to sources inside the company) is close to releasing it for production.

I carefully mounted my mantle on an antique #B burner. The frame was noticeably heavier than my old mantle. The weave was much tighter. (Aladdin has told me that batch #7 has a looser weave.)

Every Aladdin mantle has a blue coating that protects the mantle during shipping. In order to use it, you must burn off the coating. Always do this AFTER you mount the mantle on your lamp.

The coating burns fast, with a flame that may reach 3 inches higher than the mantle. This photo shows it near the end of the flare. After the flame goes out the mantle is very sensitive to vibration. (But, as promised by Aladdin, these new mantles seem much stronger than the old ones did.)

I was very satisfied with the brightness of the new mantle. However, Aladdin says that batch #7, now undergoing testing, burns even brighter thanks to the looser weave which allows more oxygen to circulate through the mantle.

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