Thank You, Neighbor! Der Dutchman Mentions Lehman’s

Quaker City Grain Mill

Quaker City Grain Mill

Using social media is how many small businesses get the word out these days. In a small community like Kidron, we often find that we business neighbors mention each other in the course of communicating with our far-flung friends. Recently, Dutchman News published a recipe for Fried Amish Cornmeal Mush, and mentioned our cornmeal grinding mill and dried corn that’s ready to grind.

Here’s the recipe, which is very simple. You can add variations to your taste once you get the hang of making the mush.

3/4 cup – cold water
3 cups boiling water
1 cup – finely ground corn meal
1 tsp – salt

First make a paste with cold water and cornmeal/salt mixture, then stir in boiling water. Continue to cook (stirring often) over a low heat for about 20 minutes, then pour into a pan and let cool until the mush is set. Slice thinly and fry in oil until crispy brown. Serve hot with breakfast syrup, sausage gravy, tomato gravy or apple butter.

See the original post here: ( Thank you to our friends at Dutchman News and Dutchman Hospitality Group for sharing.