The Joys of Living in a 120 year old house

Okay so I am new to this so bear with me a while. We just bought a 120 year old farm house. It was built in 1888 in Dixon MO. We have been here 2 months now and keep finding more and more out about our little treasure of a home. In the walls we have found newspapers dated 1908. I found the old sign post with the original owners name on it. I took it up the road to the little old lady who had the same last name,I thought she was going to cry.” Yes she said I am related to them. I lived in that house for 25 years and raised my children there.” It was built by her husbands great grandfather the man on the sign post. I learned that the large barn was built by her husband in 1925 as his senior project in high school, and the small stone barn was built by their son. I met her grandchildren and great grandchildren who were visting her and they all told me they had heard stories about Grandma and Grandpas farm. Mrs Miller is a well loved retired school teacher, I told her I would love for them to come and visit the old farm anytime they like.  The little Grandchildren were really excited that they could see the place they had heard about in Grandmas stories. I told Mrs Miller that when we find things as we restore the house I will bring them to her.  I found her old wooden gaden gate I plan to paint it and take it to her house for her to put in her little flower garden. My husband is going to take some pics of the place now and frame them for her. The Miller family has been so gracious and are glad that someone who cares got the old house. They said it was always a happy home filled with love. A love you can still feel there I am happy to say. Will keep eveyrone updated on what else we find. It is exciting to find new stuff.

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We own a 120 year old farm house. A very small farm only 5 acres but hey its ours. The longer we are here the more neat things we find out about the house and the history ot it.

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Living in a 120 year old house

  1. What a neat story! I love old farmhouses – so much character and history. Please do keep us updated on other interesting finds.

  2. That is wonderful that you found the original owners! We have the names of ours (ours was built in 1885), but there has been so many people since that finding any relatives would be almost impossible.

    At my sister’s house, however, she has become friends with the daughter who was raised her the house.

    Enjoy your house – I hope it’s warm on these very cold days (ours isn’t!).

  3. I spent a day helping a friend remove lathe and plaster preparatory to a full remodel on his turn-of-the-century farmhouse. It was a messy job but well worth the effort as we found some old hand tools and a serious stack of old sheet music. He was interested in neither and I scooped them up rather than seeing them go to the trash.

    Something worth considering, if you choose to do a remodel, is retain some examples of the old wallpaper and what-have-you for creating a shadow box. It’s a neat way of displaying the various interesting house related items you might find.

  4. Living in an old house does have its joys and frustrations. I live in a 100+ year old farmhouse which has been in my husband’s family since the mid 1940’s. We know the family that his parents purchased the farm from and were honored to have two of the “children” that grew up in the house visit us this past fall for a tour of their childhood home. These two are in their 80’s and 90 and still remember how their home used to look, even with the many changes that have been made. They were able to tell us what the various out-buildings had been used for and where trees, long gone, once stood. My adult daughter, who lived in this house all her life until she married, also thoroughly enjoyed the visit and soaked up all this information.

    I could give you a long list of things that need to be fixed in our old house but this visit made me realize that many people do not have the longevity in one home and connection to past owners that we have experienced. I have a greater appreciation for my old house, even when the wind blows right through it!