The Joys of Ohio’s Amish Country

Editor’s Note: National Simplicity Day is July 12. In celebration, we are taking you on a photo tour of our favorite place, Ohio’s Amish Country, an area known for its simplicity and beautiful views. Enjoy!

Slow, relaxing and rural – welcome to Ohio’s Amish Country.

Rolling hills, farmland and horses enjoying a grassy snack.horses in summertimeThe countryside is famous for spectacular sunsets.August sunset

Take the road less traveled. road

Drying the clothes using solar power (the sun!)laundry by jay

Plentiful gardens are a way of life.Troycraft garden

For family fun that’s close to home, Ohio’s Amish Country is the perfect weekend getaway. Avoid the city and head to the country!

We are all tired of being stuck at home – why not plan a road trip with your family to Wayne and Holmes County? Your first stop should be Lehman’s in Kidron. We are often called The Gateway to Amish Country, and we were named the Best Destination in our area (for the 5th year in a row, I humbly add).

We are working very hard to keep our store safe and clean for both customers and employees. For more information, please click here. And rest assured, when you are ready to visit, we are ready.

Listen to what our customers say about Lehman’s: 

“A step back in time Lehman’s is a fun place to see. While it is a store it is also a museum and art gallery. The old barn that is the main building is fun to see. When you go into the building don’t forget to look up and check out the construction of the old barn. The wood carving art in the buggy shop is enthralling. Beautiful work. Walking through the large store there are several items from history. The new merchandise is a step back in time. Who knew that there are places that still make this stuff. There is stuff there I have never seen before and you will be hard pressed to walk out without purchasing something that you will find very useful. Well worth a trip.”

For more information about our store, click here.

This article was first posted in July 2020.


Glenda Lehman ErvinGlenda Lehman Ervin is the daughter of company founder Jay Lehman and Director of Marketing. “I love talking to people who are on their journey to a simpler life. Step by step, we are all on the path to a meaningful, satisfying life. We are thrilled that Lehman’s can be a part of that journey.” Glenda lives in a woods with her husband and two children, just a few miles north of Lehman’s, in Kidron, OH. They have two cats named, surprisingly uncreatively, Baby Cat and Girl Cat.

Glenda Ervin

About Glenda Ervin

Lehman's™ Vice President of Marketing and daughter of founder Jay Lehman. She has filled her home with Lehman's products, and enjoys the challenge of using low tech in a high tech life. In addition to media relations and advertising for Lehman's, she speaks to groups about the history of Lehman's and the unique growth of the family owned and operated business.

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