They’re Here! Our Top 10 New Toys

eli & mattie christmas

Over a year ago, we created Eli & Mattie, a toy collection that is deeply inspired by where we live. Instead of over-complicated, mass-produced toys that barely make it past Christmas, we wanted something different, something that reminded us of the toys of yesteryear when things were built to last.

That’s when we turned to our Amish neighbors. They’ve been crafting various goods by hand for generations and their skilled craftsmanship is what makes these toys so great. Each Eli & Mattie toy is made by hand – one at a time – by an Amish craftsman, using materials that are durable for your little ones (no plastic!). The quality is stunning, but more importantly, these toys are made to spark your child’s imagination.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new for Eli & Mattie this season, all made here in Ohio. (And you’ll only find these toys at Lehman’s!)

1. Dollhouse with Furniture

eli & mattie dollhouse

Available at

This beautifully-made dollhouse arrives fully assembled, so you won’t be spending your Christmas Eve frantically putting it together. Plus, it comes with adorably-sized wooden furniture – a bed, couch, dresser, sink and stove!

2. Carry Train

eli & mattie carry train

Available at

All the pieces of the train are made to fit into a carry board so cleanup and storage is easy and neat (goodbye, clutter). Plus, it’s travel friendly too.

3. Toy Ironing Board

eli & mattie toy ironing board

Available at

Just plain cute! This child-size ironing board comes with a toy iron, so children can pretend to be like Mom and Dad.

4. Collapsible Doll Cradle

eli & mattie collapsible cradle

Fits popular 18″ dolls. Available at

Children will love tucking their beloved dolls into this toy cradle. And you’ll love its clever, space-saving design! 

5. Pull Wagon with Blocks

eli & mattie pull wagon with blocks

Comes with 18 blocks (a variety of wooden shapes). Available at

Watch little ones fill up the wagon with the included blocks and then pull it along as they move about.

6. Doll Dresser

eli & mattie doll dresser

Just pull open the drawers. Available at

This dresser is beautifully made with working drawers, so you can store doll clothes in one neat place.

7. Doll Wardrobe

eli & mattie doll wardrobe

Available at

Another adorable option to store doll clothes – this wardrobe has a hanging rod inside!

8. Train with Oval Track

eli & mattie oval train track

Available at

You won’t lose part of the track with this smart design. Instead of a bunch of pieces you need to connect, the track is one hinged piece, so it folds in half when you’re done.

9. Noah’s Ark

eli & mattie noah's ark

Comes with 12 wooden animals. Available at

Elephants, camels and lions? This toy ark is packed with fun! Movable wheels allow youngsters to pull the ark along.

10. Animal Train

eli & mattie animal train

Available at

Connect the little wooden train together with the various animals for endless fun. 

Click here to see the full line of Eli & Mattie toys – everything is locally made by Amish woodworkers!