Things Looking Up For Country Life!

Greetings, everyone!

BarneycatonboardwalkYour patience while Country Life has been sorting out behind the scenes technology issues has been very appreciated. At this point, thanks to the hard work of Chris, our IT wizard, and Diane, our marketing team tech guru, we seem to be ready to roll.

Please be aware there may be some rough spots. You might have to re-register to post comments on entries. Please do so! Your opinions and thoughts are vital to us, and let us know the topics most important to you. Here on Country Life, you have the opportunity to engage with us and with each other in extended discussions. We can all learn and trade ideas easily, and we’d like to keep that happening here.

If you try to pull up a particular story, and it doesn’t quite work, try hitting the back button on your browser. Hit the link again, and it should work. Our foundation programming is ‘learning from scratch’, and links to some stories may be a little slow until everything evens out.

If you continue to have trouble, you can contact Country Life using the “Contact Us” email link below. Tell us what browser you’re using, and what issues you’re experiencing. If we can help, we will. We can’t provide personalized support to every person, but if we see a trend happening, it will give our programming folks an idea of where to look for problems.

We’re all on this journey of sustainable, sensible, thirfty, moderate and responsible living together. Keep in touch!