Toilet Training with Lehman’s!

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is the scoop:

Lehman’s retail store in Kidron, Ohio will be holding a Composting Toilet Sale May 5-14, 2011. These innovative, eco-friendly toilets will be on sale for up to several hundreds of dollars off the regular price. In addition, representatives from Santerra Green will be in the store on May 6 and 7 to provide training, information and answer any questions you may have. (Note: The toilets will also be on sale on starting May 5th!)

What (on Earth) is a Composting Toilet?
Composting is nature’s method of renewing and preserving itself.  In nature, decayed organic material, whether plant or animal, gradually decomposes and becomes either water or enriched soil, very much like your garden compost.   A composting toilet mimics nature by converting waste to compost inside an advanced, eco-friendly  sanitary system, creating an innovative sanitation solution.

Why Use a Santerra Greenâ„¢ Composting Toilet:

“Santerra Greenâ„¢ is the premium choice in composting toilet systems available today with the longest warranty, more installation options and superior features.” – Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Environmentalist

There are many reasons why you should use a composting toilet.  The main reason, of course, is to provide a solution to one of our most basic needs: sanitation.  And, although composting toilets have often been thought of as just for cottages & cabins, this is simply not the case any longer.  As the technology has advanced, the number of applications has expanded.  Today, there are countless applications that demand an environmentally and economically sound solution. These include residential homes, workshops, barns, garages, basements, warehouses, yurts, pool cabanas, farms, barns, homes and of course, cottages & cabins.  For this reason, Santerra Greenâ„¢ offers many options and configurations, including the modern FlushSmart V Series that looks and operates like a “normal” toilet.

You should consider a composting toilet if:

  • You want a more environmentally friendly solution.
  • You want an economical sanitation system.
  • You live (or want to live) off-the-grid.
  • You want an easy-to-install sanitation solution.
  • Regular plumbing is expensive or difficult where you live.

Santerra Green™ offers a choice of systems to solve your sanitation needs in both waterless and low water flush configurations in three power options: non-electric, 12VDC and AC electric.  Systems are self-installed in a few hours and easy to operate.

Get more information, and see Lehman’s full line of composting toilets >>

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