Top Traditional Toys for Christmas 2012

Last year’s “Real Toy List” was such a big hit, we’ve decided to open up the toy topic again! This time, we’ve checked into our Kidron store to see what popular toys are flying off the shelves.

Find Dutch Blitz and other card games at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio or at

Here are the results:
Candy Wrapper Puzzle
Love of Barns Puzzle
Dutch Blitz Game
Lego Minifigures
Original Slinky
Rubber Band Shooter
Pop Up Peekaboo Farm Book

The good news for our online friends is that some of these items are also available on our website,! (And there are alternatives listed below!) Just click on the orange type on any line above to go straight to the toy’s page.

What If I Can’t Get To The Store?
If you like the looks of the popular store products, rest assured that you can find similar items on our website. We stock toys for children of all ages there, and you can have the chosen toys shipped to the address of your choice. Check out these recommendations, and be sure to see our New Toys area, with selections for youngsters of all ages!

Find the Fifteen puzzle and other vintage-style toys at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

Puzzles and Games/Indoor Toys
Children to age 6: Consider the Farm Cube Puzzle or Uncle Wiggly, a boardgame classic; Wooden Marble Track (best for ages 5 to 8),
Children ages 6 to 13: Uncle Wiggly, Farmopoly, Fifteen puzzle, or one of our Amish Country puzzles, Hardwood Checkers, Marbles in Classic Tin.
Ages 13 and up: Farmopoly, Amish Country puzzles, iron brainteaser puzzles, Fifteen puzzle.

Outdoor Toys
For all ages: wagons!
Children to age 6:  Baby Pull Sleds (adorable!), Balloon Powered Boat, Colossal Bubble Wand, and our workhorse Best Tricycle Ever!
Children ages 6 to 13: Best Tricycle Ever, Amish-Crafted Croquet Set, Colossal Bubble Wand, Hardwood Slingshot, Lehman’s Racer Sled
Ages 13 and up: Hardwood Slingshot, Amish Crafted Croquet Set, Lawn Bowls/Bocce, Solid Maple Tobaggan

Hand-Sewn Sock Monkey AND sock money socks are available at or Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio.

Classic Toys
These are toys that parents remember from their childhood, and that can be hard to find nowadays! Please consider the age range of child you are buying for when you investigate these toys–they stand the test of time! This list is arranged somewhat chronologically, with toys for younger ones first.
Classic Wooden Stacking Rings
Floppy Feet Push Duck
Little Carpenter Nail Apron
Miniature Porcelain Tea Sets
Large Wooden ABC blocks
Muscial Jack-In-The-Box
Hand-Sewn Sock Monkey

Cup And Ball Game
Classic Gyroscope
Birch Boomerang
American Slide Whistle
Wooden Log Set

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