Treasured Memories at Lehman’s

Mary’s photo of Lehman’s entrance.

Blogger Mary Troyer Rabatin visited Lehman’s and wrote about her experience. Great article!

Click here to see the full article: Mary’s Treasured Memories: A fun trip to Lehman’s

Thanks, Mary!

Galen Lehman

Galen Lehman

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Lehman's CEO and son of founder Jay Lehman. Homesteads on five acres. Believes in a Simpler Life...rewarding relationships, fresh, local (preferably homegown) food and the gratification of hard work. Plant a tree!

One thought on “Treasured Memories at Lehman’s

  1. Thank You , we had so much fun and plan to come back soon before my cousin goes back to AZ. She found some fun things to take back to her Grand Kids .
    The ice cream was great , hope to eat some of your other things soon .
    I hope you had your speaker on , I have lots of Good music on my Blog .
    God Bless , Mary