Have a Warm and Toasty Winter (Without Burning a Hole in Your Bank Account)

heating.jpgHere in Ohio, September signals the beginning of fall and the coming of chilly temperatures (and yes, in a month or two, snow). For those of you in more northern climates, autumn is already in full swing and winter is nipping at its heels.

In light of the unstable economy and recent oil spill, most of us already have this winter’s heating costs on the brain. But take heart – finding ways to save money on your heating bill doesn’t mean you have to huddle, freezing, in your house! There are many easy, economical ways to save money and keep your house warm during the coming seasons.

Here are just a few suggestions – several coming from our customers:

Outside & Maintenance

1. Place bales of hay or straw around the foundation of your house, either the whole way around or just the sides that are most exposed to winter weather.
2. Build a wind shelter around an outside door if it is exposed to the wind and weather. The goal is to keep that cold wind from coming in when you do.
3. Change the filter in your furnace before using it for the first time in the fall. Check periodically throughout the fall and winter, and replace filter when it becomes dirty.
4. Make sure your storm windows are closed snugly and in good condition.


1. First and foremost, turn down the thermostat! According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 3% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat. For example, if you normally keep your thermostat set at 70° and you turn it down to 67°, you will save about 9% on your heating bill. In other words, you’ll save about 9 cents for every dollar you spend on heat. And that can add up.
2. Turn down the heat even more at night, put an extra blanket on your bed, and wear socks and warm pajamas to bed.
3. Use fans near wood burning stoves to circulate warm air. Try our Electric Doorway Fan or one of our Heat Powered Fans – they are very efficient and quiet.
4. Use insulating window film around windows.
5. Line curtains and drapes with quilt batting during the cold months to reduce drafts. Or, hang quilts or blankets under the curtains.
6. Line windowsills with old panty hose filled with sand or lentils, or rolled up rugs or blankets.
7. On sunny winter days, take advantage of “free solar heat.” Open blinds and curtains and let the sun warm rooms. (Remember, you still want to keep drafts out.)
8. Close off unused rooms, including the heater vents to them.
9. During the day, wear socks inside, and pull on an extra fuzzy sweater or sweatshirt. Too many of us want to dress for the beach inside in winter.
10. Keep closet, bedroom and basement doors closed when not in use.
11. Put down extra throw rugs, especially near doorways and doors.
12. Bake some bread, a pie or cookies! A warm kitchen warms the house.

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