Gorgeous wedding bouquets – made by you

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do May flowers bring? Weddings!Every little girl dreams of a storybook summer wedding with beautiful flowers and “The” dress. As we get older, some of us realize that to make our dream a reality we have to downsize. Flowers and bouquets can be one of the most expensive things in a wedding. Cut the price and add some of your own individuality by making your own bouquets.

Roses are associated with romance, and therefore they are always associated with weddings. Many brides have begun to steer away from the “traditional” rose bouquet for more modern or unusual looking flowers, but a simple rose bouquet can still fit into many themes and styles. The introduction of hybrid roses has made it possible to have roses available year round and in many, many different colors. To make this simple bouquet you will need: long stemmed roses, snips, string, water, vase, wide ribbon, and green foliage.

Cut the ends of your stems on a slant and place them in water. Remove the thorns, you don’t want to bleed on your gown, and lower foliage from the bottom half of the stems. Lay the flowers out on the table with the blooms facing towards you. Choose the largest flower to be the center.

Hold the stem about 6 to 8 inches from the flower with your thumb and index finger. Add some foliage to frame your center flower. Rotate the bouquet as you work and cross the stems on an angle. Secure the stems with a long piece of string, wound around them. Do not cut off the excess string because you will need it later. Place 6 flowers evenly around the center flower. Make sure to insert the stems at a 45 degree angle. Secure in place with the string that is already attached. Add more flowers slightly lower than the previous round. You want the bouquet to have a gentle rounded shape. Make sure to cross all of the stems and turn the bouquet a quarter turn clockwise after you add a few flowers. Secure with the string. Add more flowers and foliage until the bouquet is the size you want.

Frame the outside with pieces of foliage that extend 2 to 3 inches out past the edge of the flowers. Secure all of your stems with the string. Cut the string and tuck the end into the stems.

Cut the ends off of the stems. Make sure that they are all the same length at about 6 to 8 inches long. Spray lightly with water. Wrap a length of wide ribbon around the stems to cover the string. Make sure you cover the stems from top to bottom and tie it off, at the top, in a shoestring bow with long tails.

If you are new to flower arranging or just want a very simple bouquet, use only one color of roses. Using multiple colors can make a beautiful statement as long as you make sure they are evenly distributed throughout the bouquet. Creating and designing your own bouquet allows you to add an additional personal touch to your special day. These are also great gifts if you are not a bride but know a special one. Just remember that weddings are not about how much money you have or spend, they are about creating the memories of your first day together as man and wife.