What in the world is it?

We have a fun section in our store, titled What in the world is it? There is also a sign, much to the delight of both parents and children, that says Please DO touch. The shelves are right next to our busy check-out registers, so while parents are paying attention to, well paying, the children can be guessing what the items were (and still are) used for.

Today, when you get a hole in your sock, what do you do? Throw it away and buy a new pair? Well, in the old days when you had to raise the sheep, shear the wool, spin the wool and then knit the sock, you didn’t throw the sock away. You fixed it. You darned it. And you needed this round sock darning ball, or egg, as some call it, to ensure a smooth mend. Why? Because the most common place to get a hole in your sock is the heel. And if you don’t have a smooth mend, you will get a blister. So this product, while it takes no batteries, IT equipment, or extension cords, was a much-needed part of every home in the 19th century.

Don’t touch that mouse — tune in next week for the second installment of WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IT?

Glenda Ervin

About Glenda Ervin

Lehman’s Vice President of Marketing and daughter of founder Jay Lehman. She has filled her home with Lehman's products, and enjoys the challenge of using low tech in a high tech life. In addition to media relations and advertising for Lehman's, she speaks to groups about the history of Lehman's and the unique growth of the family owned and operated business.