What goes around…comes around (30 years later)

We received some old catalogs in the mail yesterday from a kindly customer. She just thought we’d like to have

Three old Lehman's catalogs

them for our archives. She was right! They are treasures – to us, anyway. The two on the right date back to the  1970s, when the energy crisis, oil embargo (and burgeoning demand for wood stoves and non-electric goods) put Lehman’s, in tiny Kidron, Ohio, “on the map.” The cook stove catalog on the far right is a whopping 15 pages long! (Incidentally, we’ve always loved the black and white photo of the gentleman on the cover. Talk about a typical Lehman’s customer.)

As you can imagine, things have changed a lot when it comes to our catalog. Our product line has expanded to fill 168 pages – and we have lots of trouble getting it all to fit in that space! (You can see ALL our products – including the ones that don’t always fit into the catalog, at Lehmans.com.) But lots of folks still describe it as “an old friend” and even a “resource book” of old-time items.

Amazingly, a good number of the items featured in these 30-year-old books are still available in our catalogs today. We hope that’s a testament to our commitment to offer you “authentic products that work for life.”

Click here to request your FREE 168-page catalog (circa 2011).

One thought on “What goes around…comes around (30 years later)

  1. I still have my original catalog you sent me to our APO box when we were serving in Germany in 1993! It’s not that I’m THAT much of a packrat, but it’s on my bookshelf next to the gardening and sustainability books :)