Woodstove Warning!

Those of you who burn wood, please read:

This morning when I dropped my daughter off at my parents’ house for the day, my father (standing on the frosty lawn) pulled off his gloves to show me his left hand, swollen painfully to nearly twice its normal size. Yesterday morning when he was bringing in wood to start the fire, he inadvertently grabbed a log that happened to be the napping place of a large hornet which, when brought inside and sufficiently jostled, became “lively” and bit him on the hand.

Now, I’m sure many of you are seasoned woodburners (like my Dad, who’s been doing it more than 30 years), but this can happen to anyone, so I felt at least a little reminder was in order. Consider yourselves warned, and do be careful when bringing in your wood that you’re not bringing in feisty critters, too!