10 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time set aside to remember those that have fought and lost their lives in the US military. This day holds a lot of meaning in a lot of people’s hearts. Remembering and honoring these soldiers is very important because they have given the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect us. Americans nationwide do this by spending the day off work, and with family, on the last Monday in May.

This holiday recognizes something so important, and many families traditionally throw patriotic parties and backyard barbecues, as well as take some time to read and learn about the history of Memorial Day and the people that inspire it. If you have family in the military or that lost their lives serving, maybe you and your family have a special tradition to honor them. All across the country, people gather and remember people in their hearts. If you are looking for a special way to spend this Memorial Day with your family and friends, here are some fun ideas for how to honor the day, while having a celebratory time.

1. Have a cookout

Everyone loves a good cookout surrounded by people they love. The smell of the grill, kids laughing and playing, relaxing and talking in the backyard until the sun goes down. It’s a fun, traditional, crowd-pleasing way to spend this special day. Decorate the yard with red, white, and blue items to make the party more patriotic.

2. Watch fireworks

A beautiful way to light up the night sky in remembrance of those that gave their lives is lighting off some fireworks. Make sure this is done safely and legally. Lay out some blankets, lie on your back, and enjoy.

3. Find a parade to enjoy

Search in your area for a fun parade happening near you. This is a great way to get out and enjoy the day with your kids.

4. Visit a cemetery

This may not be the most obvious choice for a fun thing to do, but it actually doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Make sure your kids understand this day is about honoring and respecting the lives and sacrifices the people of our country made. This is something to be celebrated. So visit some buried soldiers and bring them flowers, cards, and handmade gifts. Celebrate their lives, and honor the day in a memorable and special way.

5. Enjoy a picnicfamily picnic

This is my personal favorite thing to do on Memorial Day. My family and I spend the morning together cooking a nice lunch, and then hike in the park until we find the perfect spot to eat. We spread out a blanket and dig in. Make sure to find a spot with a lovely view and enjoy the relaxing time outdoors with loved ones. After lunch, you can enjoy all the park has to offer. 

6. Go swimming

One of the nice things about Memorial Day is that it’s right at the start of summer. The temperatures are just now getting to be the perfect swimming conditions. So get the family together, invite some friends, and hit the pool or beach. Everyone will love it, because it will probably be the first time they’ve swam in months.

7. Go on a bike ridefamily riding bikes

May just so happens to be National Bike Month. So spend your day off with loved ones getting some good exercise.

8. Find a fair or carnival

Look online or in the paper to find a celebratory festival near you!

9. Send a care package to a soldier

On supportourtroops.org, you can send gifts to an active duty member of the military.

10. Visit a military museum or memorial site

Pay your respects and learn more about your country and the history of this holiday.

Editor’s Note: This article was first posted May 2019.

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Linda Finkelstein
Linda Finkelstein
1 year ago

I liked these suggestions. Being a single adult without family can make it difficult on Holidays- some great ideas are in the article that are not dependant on a family, yet allow me to “celebrate” with a tribe.
Thank you!

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