University Faculty Pop Open A 99 Bottle Christmas Gift!

OARDC's Linda Saif, with the centerpiece made by collegue Peggy Lewis.

OARDC’s Linda Saif, with the centerpiece made by collegue Peggy Lewis.

Peggy Lewis from The Ohio State University’s Ohio Agricultural Research And Development Center (OARDC) shares some holiday news with us this week. OARDC is about half an hour from our Kidron store.

Peggy and Linda’s lab staff treated Linda Saif, an OARDC researcher to a tasty Christmas gift: 99 different flavors of soda pop from the Old-Time Soda department of Lehman’s retail store in Kidron, Ohio. Thanks for sharing, Peggy! The photos are priceless!  —Karen Johnson, Editor, Country Life

I thought you would enjoy hearing about my Christmas 2013 gifting of 99 bottles of pop from Lehman’s store in Kidron to OARDC Researcher Linda Saif from her Lab. I attached the Christmas card I made her too.

The Lab had lots of fun at Linda’s Christmas Lab luncheon at TJ’s.  The diverse lab group, from all over the world, sang “99 Bottles of Pop in the Lab…” (many verses) and passed 99 different bottles of pop from Lehman’s person to person up either side of the table, to the opposite end where Linda was seated.

Each place had a candy-filled Coke glass as a party favor.

Each place had a candy-filled Coke glass as a party favor.

I made an evergreen arrangement in a Coke lunchbox with the Coke polar bear on top, with old-fashioned wax pop candy in the arrangement, and inserted plastic snow balls. For place settings I took green coke glasses, added Hersey Kisses, turned a candy cane upside down to look like a straw and mini-marshmallows on top for bubbles. It was a blast!

Everyone enjoyed seeing the unusual, weird and really cool varieties of soda pop and each pop was different! It was fun when singing “99 Bottles of Pop in the Lab” and everyone was trying to look at the pop and pass it on. We got “bottle necks” of pop while passing them around!

Of course, pop and food are not allowed in Linda’s research lab, so that was the joke! :)


More Bubbly News And A Thank You For Help
Carol also gave Lehman’s soda pop as her own Christmas gifts. “I had given both sides of my family the pop last year for Christmas with hilarious results and knew it would work for Linda’s gift. Also this year, I did a case of assorted rootbeer for my HS senior nephew which he loved and one for a sister-in-law of Linda’s for Christmas. I included a photo of the tag from that gift too.

Again thanks for the donation of “Ole Time” candy this summer for my OSU Columbus, OARDC, & ATI Reitree Trivia Game. The retirees really enjoyed the trivia game & candy. The Columbus Retirees did make a trip to Lehman’s as part of their tour in Amish Country.

Happy New Year and thanks for providing such fun gifts for Christmas!”