5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Recently, we’ve been focusing on connecting with loved ones.  But don’t forget about taking care of yourself! 

It is important to remember that the things in life that make us feel good are worthwhile. Self-care can mean taking the time to do things for no reason other than that they feel good. Here are some easy ways to practice self-care.

1. Choose natural ways to help you look and feel your best.self-care soaking feet in water

Feeling clean and refreshed is a big part of self-care. Being able to do these things while also feeling good about using fewer chemicals and having a better impact on the planet can be a difficult balance to achieve. Lehman’s products can help attain all these goals at once! Lehman’s hygiene products use natural ingredients and help lower the impact we have on Earth. Lehman’s deodorant stone provides a natural deodorant without harmful parabens and chemicals. Uncle Harry’s All Natural Alkalizing toothpaste, Grandpa Soap’s witch hazel shampoo and conditioner, and Beessential body wash all allow for a deep clean with all-natural ingredients that don’t harm the environment.

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Feeling beautiful comes from the inside out. Having safe products to help our outside self feel the best we can is also important. Grandma Bea’s products from Lehman’s have helped me feel my best self. I can trust that their products are all natural and made with ingredients I want going on my body. Grandma Bea’s cuticle cream can make nails look their best, and their all-natural face mist, all-natural refine face cream, and tea tree face wash have all helped my skin glow. Marie Originals all-natural acne control soap from Lehman’s has also helped reduce my breakouts. Self care isn’t just for women! The Ogllalla Bay rum cologne, 1818 Farm’s shave oils, and Col. Ichabod Crane pre-shave and aftershave oils are great products for men.

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man with beard oil

2. Take care of your health.

Taking care of our health is also an important part of self care. It feels good to know the ingredients in the products we’re using for our health and also to know that they are natural. Unker’s therapeutic rub can help sore muscles, as well as sore throats and coughs. I use Lehman’s pure essential oils almost everyday in my diffuser, and on my skin. Honey Guy Bite Free natural cream helps fight off bugs without harsh chemicals common in bug sprays. CBD Amish Harvest hemp extract oil can help ailments such as sore muscles and insomnia. Grandma Bea’s wellness travel kit includes antiviral and antibacterial protection mist and oil, restore healing salve, and first aid balm.

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3. Nurture your creative side.

Using our minds to be creative and finding artistic outlets is a great way to take care of ourselves. The brand Spicebox, carried at Lehman’s, has many art forms to choose between, with their masterclass sketching set, introduction to Chinese brush painting set, and masterclass calligraphy set. Lehman’s also carries an easy-to-do beginners crochet kit and a needlepoint sampler kit.

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self-care painting together

A creative endeavor that leads to feeling happy and fulfilled can also be learning a new hobby. Start ice cream making with Lehman’s own homemade ice cream mix, and Lehman’s best ice cream freezer. Find everything you need to start canning. Try making maple syrup with the maple sugaring starter kit, maple syrup processing kit, and Lehman’s stainless steel bucket spile with a hook.

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4. Cook a healthy meal.

Speaking of creative outlets, cooking healthy meals can be a work of art. Lehman’s has great cookware, like their world-famous cast iron. Make your own coffee and tea with OXO Brew French Press coffee maker, the Aerolatte drip coffee brewer, glass whistling tea kettle, and many brands of tea like Oliver Pluff and co.

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cooking healthy meals

5. Spend time outside.

Being in the great outdoors is a healthy and fun way to take care of ourselves. For a nice picnic in the park, use an Amish made hand woven picnic basket. Make cooking hotdogs over a campfire even more fun, try the campfire fishing pole. The collapsible camping cot, pinnacle dualist camp cookware set, and Lehman’s citronella candle tin make camping in the woods a breeze.

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However you choose to practice self-care, keep in mind that you deserve to feel good!

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Corey Acre
Corey Acre
9 months ago

how are those eggs made inside the peppers

Reply to  Corey Acre
9 months ago

It’s really easy – just slice the peppers as shown in the picture and crack and an egg and place it inside the “borders” of the pepper and then fry them up.

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