9 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy This Season

As the weather gets colder, one of my favorite things to do is stay cozy in my house. I love watching the cold wind and snow swirl around outside, knowing my family and I are safe and sound in our home. Warm lighting, soft clothes, and lots of blankets are essentials for a cozy night in, as are a good book and some candles flickering. Enjoying a warm bubble bath or sitting by the fireplace are great ways to spend a frigid evening, but you’ve got to have the right atmosphere. Here are some of my favorite ways to make a space cozy and warm for the coming autumn and winter months.

1. Opt for lamps instead of overhead lighting.
Yellow toned lights instead of blue and white toned tend to create a space that feels more comfortable and has a softer glow. Desk lamps, string lights, and just any smaller sources of light than the ceiling bulbs all have a nice low light to them.

2. Have some real fire flickering.bayberry candleThe ultimate warm glow comes from real, contained fire itself instead of bulbs. Lanterns, candles, oil lamps, and things like that have such a realness about them in their flickering glow that artificial light cannot replace. (Note: Be careful though! Don’t leave lit candles or lamps unattended.)

3. Gather around the fireplace.https://www.lehmans.com/product/hearthstone-mansfield-wood-heat-stove/A fireplace will not only warm up your home literally, but will also make your home feel more warm and inviting. Walking into a room with a fire going in the fireplace instantly makes us feel comfortable and at home. They look lovely, and feel cozy. Using our fireplace at home is something I look forward to all summer long. It’s also an efficient way to heat your home for less.

4. Add seasonal lights.
Hang up some string fairy lights if you want your space to feel like a winter wonderland! Hanging some around the ceiling or set on a piece of furniture makes a cozy sparkle that everyone loves. They provide just the right amount of light to make a room glow warmly.

5. Create a holiday smell in your home.
By using an essential oil diffuser, you can transform the feeling your house has. In the autumn, I love to have the smell of cinnamon drifting through my house. In the winter, we opt for pine or lavender. We all appreciate how ‘at home’ these scents make us feel.

6. Keep cozy things, like blankets, close!

buggy lap robe
The buggy lap robe is super warm and big!

Keep a warm, thick blanket draped over the back of your couch for easy access. I suggest this buggy lap robe, used by the Amish when they take their buggies out in the winter.

7. Cover wood floors.
Adding a rug over wood floors helps make a space feel warm and safe during cold weather.

8. Create a spot for reading, playing board games or whatever it is you like to do.
Make it filled with your comfiest items, and in a space where you can admire the outside conditions from your safe home. Make sure it’s nice and snuggly so you don’t mind staying there for a few hours. Keep good lighting near and have a nice background music or smell.

9. Close your drapes at night.
When it’s daytime, I like to have my drapes open so I can see the snow, but at night I like to feel cozy and secure. Closing the windows tight with heavy curtains over them closes us in our homes nice and snug.

I hope some of these ideas help make your home cozy and warm this holiday season!

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Debrah L Veronese
Debrah L Veronese
1 year ago

I love all these snuggly ideas!!

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