A Girl’s Best Friend…

Post Hole Digger
Post Hole Digger

It’s hard to believe that a girl’s favorite product would be a post hole digger, but it sure is. For years I used the old-fashioned dual-spade “pinchy” kind…and I DO MEAN pinchy!!! I have bruised and pinched many a knuckle on those old dual-handled diggers, until I started working for Lehman’s and discovered this one. Lehman’s Best Post Hole Digger (#18210) has seen me through oodles of post holes. Don’t get me wrong, digging post holes by hand is work no matter what contraption you dream up, but I have found this digger to make it a whole lot easier. Around my house, if the ground is not terribly dry, I can dig a post hole without need of a spud bar or shovel. One of the best features is the way the handles pivot–my post holes are not wide at the top and skinny at the bottom. They are even all the way down which makes it so much easier to set the posts nice and straight. The one drawback I would have to confess is its weight. But I am willing to lug a little more weight in exchange for nice deep straight post holes. Overall, I’d have to say that this digger is the best one I’ve found and I highly recommend it and use it regularly!

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