A Surprise for the Wife

What is it with women and chocolate? Whatever it is, it seems to make them happy, so is the case with my wife. Whether it be some of the “specially made” chocolate chip cookies, or a pan full of brownies, it just seems to make her happy. Me, a good steak dinner, but that is not the point. The wife will eat every brownie around the edge of the usual 13″ x 9″ pan first, leaving the rest for the kids or as the last pieces eaten. I don’t get that either, but again, not the point.

When we got a sample of this Baker’s Edge pan at Lehman’s, I knew it was something that the wife would like. Well, today I purchased one and brought it home. Since I get home before her, I thought it would be a nice surprise to have some brownies waiting for her. She hasn’t felt well the last few days (the weather in North East Ohio has been a trifle damp- right Sarah), I thought this may help cure the blues. Not such a bad guy am I?

The box it came inwhat is in the boxThe pan comes packaged in a nice sturdy box, complete with instructions for use and a spatula made for the pan. The pans surface has a nice non-stick coating, only time will tell how it will hold up. The instructions suggest washing the pan first so I got my son on that job, while I started mixing the batter.

Ugh! Not box browniesThe instructions come with some interesting recipes but I do not have any unsweetened chocolate in the house, so I resorted to the (shudder!) boxed brownie mix. Ugh! I do not like baking from a box, but the alternatives are few.

Batters ReadyAfter mixing the batter and drying the pan, I shot it with some cooking spray. Started pouring, this is when I found out my aim is not so good. I tried to aim the batter pour to keep it off the dividers in the pan, but was not to be. Ready to BakeAfter cleaning up the mess, snapping a few shots, I put it in the oven. The box suggested 325° F for 26 to 28 minutes. The pans instructions suggest the time can be cut a few minutes, “you should check the brownies a few minutes early and noting the reduction in time for future brownies”.

As the endless seconds tick away on the trusty kitchen timer I glanced over the box that the pan came in.

  • The first and only pan for edge lovers
  • two chewy edges on every serving
  • fits standard box mix with no adjustments
  • durable heavy-gauge cast aluminum
  • interior sidewalls circulate heat evenly throughout the pan
  • better performance – fewer undercooked middles and burned edges.

The back of the box has the pan specifications and a humorous plug for their web site.

  • 11 cups capacity, 3 pounds weight (empty I suspect), 9″ x 12″ x 2″

Not quite ready to eatWell, first 24 minutes yielded a dirty toothpick, I think our awful oven, needs calibrating (everything takes more time than suggested in the recipes). Set ‘er up for another 5 minutes and see what happens. After another 5 minutes, still a bit dirty on the toothpick so we will try 3 minutes more just for good measure. That did it, toothpick came out clean so:

Ready to eat24+5+3=32 minutes – noted

Daughter Enjoying a brownieSo, how are they? Apparently both my daughter and her mother really like the brownies. The edges are nice and chewy, not burnt at all. The brownies came out of the pan with no trouble. Smiles all the way around, I didn’t touch them. Next time, I think I will make some brownies from the recipes in the instructions.

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cabinwood (@cabinwood)
14 years ago

I’m looking forward to trying that brownie pan! I was so excited when I got the announcement ad from Lehmans about it because we were headed there that very morning for our yearly visit to Kidron. Once in the newly enlarged store I looked everywhere for the pan but figured I couldn’t find it because the store had so many new things to look at. I finally asked a sales lady where I could find the new brownie pan?? I was told they didn’t have it in the store yet, only the catalog: (Boy was I dissappointed. I had been tasting those brownies in my mind all the way in the car that morning! So, Beware of fantasy salivation until you have the pan in your hand!

Granny (@granny)
14 years ago

My order is going in today for this pan.. My hubby.. God Bless his soul.. loved Brownies as much as I do.. So I’ll indulge myself and think of him. Can’t wait for the pan to arrive.

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