Amish Buggy Barn Mural ‘Work in Progress

My name is Sue Steiner and I am an artist. Over the last several weeks customers at Lehman’s have seen me painting in Lehman’s authentic, century old post and beam Amish Buggy Barn. The barn was dismantled and reconstructed at the store to be used as an area for product demonstrations, educational seminars, hands on activities for kids and an area in which craftsmen and artisans can demonstrate their craft.

My part in the project is to help create the atmosphere of being inside an actual Buggy Barn. On an Amish farm, the buggy barn is the equivilant to our garage, a place Amish use to keep their buggy dry and to harness up the horses. Like our garages various items tend to collect, such as garden tools, feed sacks, farrier tools, buckets and so on. A buggy barn can also be a place to house small livestock. So in creating the atmosphere I am painting the livestock and various other critters as a mural on the wall.

As the animals are painted we will be bringing in the tools and actual objects to hang or arrange around the room to add to the atmosphere. For instance, I am currently painting a flock of roosting chickens so chicken crates and egg baskets will be hung on the walls to make the Amish children’s daily chore of gathering eggs possible.

In another area of the room I have painted the buggy horses waiting in their stalls to be fed. So by the horses you’ll find grain buckets, halters and lead rope, a leather harness, all handy so when they need to be fed or hitched to the buggy its where you need it to be! Maybe you might even find by their stall a bucket of apples waiting for someone to give to the horses a treat!

I am painting during store hours Thursday afternoon thru late Saturday afternoon. I welcome and enjoy the visitors stopping by to watch. I am enjoying the comments, suggestions and exchange of ideas since this is a ‘work in progress’ you can have a part in how it develops! I am imagining this coming together as a puzzle does– piece by piece as I fill in between the framework of the actual beams. I’ve already gotten some great ideas I hope to use so stop in and take a look!

Kids especially have been having fun watching the mural take shape. I try to have treats on hand. Kids like treats as much as the horses! I also painted the life sized outdoor farm animals in the patio for the cafe so the kids often stop by the buggy barn and then take a look at the outside murals to help me with naming all these critters! I plan on having some fun, furry animals at eye level for the kids too. After finishing the chickens I will move on to painting some barn kitties playing in the hay down on a toddlers or preschoolers eye level so dad, if you need some distraction while mom shops stop by the buggy barn! An ice cream cone from the cafe and a stop in the buggy barn and outdoor murals will be a fun experience to share with the kids!

I will be posting regular updates and photos also so if you’ve already stopped in and want to see more or want to share it with a friend direct them here or to my web site and blog at

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Happy Heather
Happy Heather
15 years ago

The barn is looking great! I just love Sue’s paintings. She is blessed with the gift of painting, unlike myself… I can’t even draw stick people correctly…lol

Pat Veretto
15 years ago

I wish I were close enough to stop by! If the pictures are any indication, it’s going to be wonderful!

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