Behind the Scenes at Lehmans: Christena’s Office Makeover

An ordinary office transforms...
An ordinary office transforms…

This email arrived in everyone’s mailboxes recently. Apparently, Joy, who works at Lehman’s in Kidron, had a wild idea–and Country Life wants to share that wild idea with you!

I am sure most of you have heard through the rumor mill that we redecorated Christena’s office while she was off for the wedding as a surprise for her. 

...into a lovely workspace, with warm color on the walls...
…into a lovely workspace, with warm color on the walls…

We finished it up on Wednesday just in time for her to see it when she stopped in to shop at the store.  I was able to set my camera in the room before she went in and was able to capture her first reaction.  I thought you would all enjoy seeing the video. Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who helped decorate and those who covered other areas of the store so we could finish the room. I love the teamwork that is evident around Lehman’s.”

...and thoughtful decor, including a shelf with organizer baskets.
…and thoughtful decor, including a shelf with organizer baskets.

The office was done in an African theme. Christena had visited Africa last winter, and just adored being there.

Lots of store folks helped out with the redesign, too, as you’ll hear in the video!

The link to the video is below. Here’s hoping you enjoyed it as much as we did! Working at Lehman’s really IS like this.

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