Win Everything Under The Tree!

Get ready to deck out your tree – and put some amazing treasures under it for the ones you love. Everything in this prize package is made to be cherished for years to come.

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The Value of a Gift From Scratch

When you give gifts that you took the time to make yourself, you’re not just giving cookies or apple sauce or a scarf, you’re giving the gift of your time.

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That Good Old 9×13 Pan. Only Better.

Glass is good, but stainless steel is even better – easier cleanup, more attractive and my clumsy self can’t break it if dropped. But here’s the #1 greatest thing about this pan: the raised lid!

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In a sense, Dad was telling me, through that note: “Take care of yourself. Take care of what’s important. Enjoy learning. Enjoy life.”

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Made for Mom, with love and fingerprints.

Here are a few photos of some classic “homemade-for-Mom” treasures from our employees. Because that’s what they are, aren’t they: treasures. What are your favorite memories of Mother’s Day gifts, both given and received?

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