5 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Warm This Winter


by Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily

Chickens, like most animals, do far better in the cold than the heat, but will appreciate and benefit from a bit of extra care when the frigid winter months arrive. Interestingly enough, heating your coop isn’t one of the things I recommend. Continue reading

Soothing, Natural Skin Care, Straight From the Farm

Life … the way it used to be. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? This is the core value of 1818 Farms, a family-run business/educational farm in rural Alabama. Continue reading

Kidding Season in Full Swing on Vermont Farm

Ah, spring — the most fickle season of the year. This is a time for tender shoots to sprout from the earth, and for migratory flocks to fill the air with their familiar songs once more. Continue reading

The ‘Triangle of Construction’ on a Homestead

I sat down with a friend the other night who has operated a local timber-framing company for nearly twenty years now. His words of wisdom will serve me well on my growing homestead – and maybe you, too. Continue reading

Certified Organic – Why Bother?

I have been a vegetable farmer for four years, and I am going to be certified organic this year for the first time. The funny thing is that I will not change my growing practices — they will be as free of pesticides as ever. Continue reading

Tips From A Market Gardener: How To Sell What You Grow

Planning. It seems like I do more of that than actually working in the garden sometimes. Even before the gardening season ended last year I was already planning for the new season. But that is what we do, all of us. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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After The Flood: Farmer Hannah Reflects

Growing food is a precarious business. Every farmer knows that going in: we hear the stories of hail, of untimely frosts, of drought. And yet we grow food anyway. Continue reading

The List Maker’s Spring Checklist

Not everybody is like me. My wife would tell you that she thanks God every day for that fact. But I’m a list maker and prefer to make detailed outlines of what I need to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month and so on. Continue reading

How Farmer Hannah Gets Through the Winter

As a vegetable farmer at Humble Hands Harvest, I get asked a lot what I do during the winter. I remember asking the same question of my farmer mentors before I got started on my own, and hearing them laugh: the job never lets up. It just changes over the seasons! Continue reading

Raising Chickens when You Work Full Time

Keeping chickens takes just a few minutes a day.

When everyone in your household is either at work or school all day, it can be daunting to think about getting a pet dog or cat, much less a flock of backyard chickens! But in reality, chickens are very easy to raise once you have your set-up and routine figured out.
Feeding the chickens

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