Dog, Dodge and Dietz

Earlier this week I headed out into Ohio’s worst snow storm of the winter to spend some time in the “wilderness” of southern

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Steps to Health: Just Start with One!

Just Start With One Step: Did you make some health resolutions in January, but find them hard to keep? Don’t fret – every new season is a chance to get back on track. Melinda Hill returns with some very simple reminders that can make a huge difference in your family’s health.

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Happy Valley Ranch

Last week, I visited the folks who make our cider presses deep in America’s Heartland. 82-year-old company owner Ray Stagg still works every

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A giant millstone

As part of our new addition to our Kidron store, we’re displaying 100’s of the many of the antiques we’ve squireled away over

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Working like crazy!

Sonya of Conway, AR: If you’re reading this post, here’s a photo of my son, Matthew, getting your order ready for packing. This

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The view from our back porch Monday, December 11, 2006 On a Monday night almost exactly a year ago, we were drawn outside

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