Employee Spotlight: Meet Chuck

Meet Chuck
Meet Chuck. He’ll tell you how to make the best apple cider and how to keep your Aladdin lamp burning brightly.

This month Lehman’s Country Life checked in with Chuck, Lehman’s Assembler. From Aladdin lamps to Lehman’s Reading 78 Apple Peeler, Chuck is quite knowledgeable of several of our products. Today we’re asking him a few quick questions, including how to make the best apple cider.

1. What is your position at Lehman’s and how long have you worked here?
Officially “Assembler.” 13.5 years.

2. What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
Curious, playful, and adventurous.

3. What is your favorite Lehman’s product and why?
Aladdin Lamp Burner – it is just fascinating how it works and how intricate the design is.

4. What homesteading or Lehman’s skill do you do outside of work? 
Food preservation. Deb (my wife) and I can green beans, peaches, salsa, and meat. Using Lehman’s Reading 78 Apple Peeler, we also make and can applesauce. Using Lehman’s crocks, we make and can sauerkraut and pickles. We have even churned our own butter.

5. What is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?
Alaska in 2000 for Deb and my 25th wedding anniversary. Deb planned the whole trip and we spent three weeks staying in B & B’s and Lodging in Denali Park. Staying at the foot of Mt. Denali, hiking and being among the caribou, moose, wolves, and grizzlies was so cool. Hiking was tiresome but breathtaking. Fishing for salmon in the Kenai River with American Bald Eagles swooping and flying over was beyond words. Not to mention touching the Arctic Ocean in the northern most incorporated town in North America, Barrow.

6. What advice do you have for people who want to make cider? For people using an Aladdin lamp for the first time?
For cider: Use a variety of apples. The ratio of sweeter to tart apples will vary the flavor. A normal ratio is about 75% sweeter to 25% tart apples. Kids have a ball making cider and drinking it fresh.
For Aladdin lampsFollow the instructions closely and have an extra mantle available. Prepare to be amazed.

7. What would your co-workers be surprised to know about you?
I have a doctorate degree, and I take care of all the laundry at home.

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