Farming as a Family Affair…Meet Doug Smith

Never disregard the powerful pull of the land. That’s what Doug Smith discovered about the 80-acre Ozark farm in southern Missouri that has been in his family since the early 1800s. For Doug and his wife Melonie, farming is truly a family affair.

“My time is divided between being a full-time realtor, and helping operate the family farm,” he says. “My wife and I work with our son and daughter-in-law to raise pigs, laying hens and broilers, and meat rabbits, and are preparing to get cattle. My dad – who was born and raised on the farm – recently moved back to the property to be close to the land and family. We maintain 50 acres as a woodlot which we also manage for the wildlife population and hunting for our own wild game.”

As with many people living in the country, Doug knows the benefits of wearing many hats and cultivating many skills. Besides real estate, “I operate a small side business called Rent-A-Farmer. I provide small tractor-based services such as dirt work, mowing, garden and food plot tilling, driveway installation and repairs.”

Doug hunts and fishes, and does carpentry and mechanical work. “My main hobby at home is working on and restoring vintage trucks and tractors,” he admits. “I have owned vintage trucks ranging from 1929 to 1974, and have several of my grandpa’s 1940s to 1950s Farmall tractors and equipment.”

The son of a minister, faith also provides a huge motivating factor in Doug’s life. “My other passion is missions. My wife and I are the mission coordinators at our church. We have led teams on trips stateside and abroad.”

Coupled with his real estate experience as well as his interest in homesteading and preparedness, Doug often helps clients locate secluded acreage for those looking for a rural bug-out locations from cities (“Changing locations to a less volatile, less congested, and potentially safer locale,” he explains). He advises people looking for properties on the need for abundant water, suitable soil, adequate weather, woodlot management, and other qualities that relate to self-reliance. He also encourages these clients to learn the rural skills – such as gardening, animal husbandry, and food preservation – that will benefit them in the long run.

In addition to all the above skills, Doug is also a writer. “In 1998 I began freelance writing for magazines (and later websites) about hunting and fishing,” he explains. “Later I would expand into writing about rural living, homesteading, prepping, tiny home (and cabin) living, and small farming.”

Because of Doug’s vast experience in self-sufficiency and rural skills, Lehman’s is proud to welcome Doug Smith back as a regular contributor to its blog. He will be addressing a wide variety of topics in keeping with the Lehman’s philosophy of simple living: Satisfying, Understandable, Sustainable, and Comforting.

Welcome, Doug!

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