The Value of a Gift From Scratch


What if you could give someone the feeling of a sunny summer day in an apple orchard as a gift? Or the warm comfort of your kitchen as the aroma of chocolate chip cookies drifts from the oven?

When you give gifts that you took the time to make yourself, you’re not just giving cookies or applesauce or a scarf, you’re giving the gift of your time.

You’re giving them every stitch, stir and second that went into making something for them. I can say from my own experience that knowing someone put their heart into it and made something one of a kind, just for me, is the best gift of all. It really puts a smile on my face, and I know it does for other people, too.

In my family, we often say thank you by making food for each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s a plate of cookies to say thank you for helping me get my driver’s license that I just gave to my Uncle Galen, or a homemade candle in a mason jar to my friends just because, homemade gifts are my choice. When you cook and bake for people, the food just tastes better – perhaps because it is made with love.

If you don’t have the confidence and skill level to made something complicated like clothing or toys, head to the kitchen! Baking and cooking is easy, with a trusted recipe or friend. Making candles is also a simple way to say thank you – who doesn’t love a gently scented candle – made just for them.

So get crafting, baking and creating. Someone you love will love it.

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