How to Give the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Sure, she always says “It’s the thought that counts.” But does Mom really mean that after opening yet another pair of gift-wrapped sweat socks?

If there’s one thing she taught you, it’s that gift-giving is an art. By putting some thought into what you give her for Mother’s Day, you can show Mom how well you learned and how much you care.

“You don’t have to spend a lot – although expensive gifts are always welcomed – as long as your gift clearly says ‘I’ve put some thought into this gift because I really love you, Mom,’ ” says Glenda Lehman Ervin of Lehman’s. “The key to finding a great gift is to think about what will really please someone and make them happy.”

When shopping for Mom, keep in mind the “four S’s” of gift giving: simple, sweet, sentimental and sensitive. If a gift fulfills the “four S’s” then it’s sure to be a winner. There are several types of gifts that are likely to meet all four requirements. Ervin, a connoisseur of the art of gift-giving, offers the following advice:

* Give something that will remind your mother of a sweet memory from childhood.

“If your mother fondly remembers sitting beside her father while he made ice cream in an old-fashioned freezer, then an ice cream maker that evokes that memory can be wonderful gift,” Ervin says. “Collaborate with other family members to find a picture of her and her dad making ice cream. Enlarge it at a photo kiosk, put it in a pretty frame and place that picture on the outside of the wrapped ice cream maker.” Lehman’s carries the kind of old-fashioned ice cream freezers that have been popular since the 1800s.


* Help her with a much-loved hobby.

Garden tools can be a great gift for mothers who really enjoys the relaxation and health benefits of gardening,” says Ervin. You can give a practical gift a loving flair, as well, she says. For example, what gardener wouldn’t love a galvanized watering can? You can add a touch of sensitivity to the gift by filling the watering can with water-related feminine delights such as body wash or lotion, bath beads, scented candles and other luxurious bath accoutrements.

* Put a personal twist on a reliable gift, like flowers.

“Every woman loves flowers, but if you hesitate to give such a transient gift, why not present the flowers to her in a container that will be a keepsake?” Ervin says. “For example, she may remember that her grandmother had a lovely pitcher in blue speckled enamel. Or perhaps an antique pottery pitcher caught her eye on your last shopping trip. Pick out a similar pitcher at and have your local florist use it to create an arrangement of her favorite flowers.”

For more simple, sweet, sentimental and sensitive gift ideas this Mother’s Day, visit

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