A Guide To Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

USA reel mowerEditor’s Note: Please welcome our guest blogger today, Rachael Baihn. She is sharing with us tips on how to make our lawns a little “greener.” Enjoy!

There are many lawn care products available for those homeowners who want to keep a lawn in tip top shape. However, how many of those products are actually doing more harm than good to the environment? Check out the following tips to help make your lawn care eco-friendly.

Use Organic Mulch

Spreading mulch or compost in your yard is a great way to naturally cut down on weeds as well as insulate garden beds in your yard. Organic mulch options include shredded bark dust, compost, or grass clippings that help to retain water near the base of plants as well as keep plants cooler throughout the warmer seasons. Using organic mulching options adds a level of natural care to a yard in that those mulches were once alive and will eventually break down. Adding organic mulch around trees in your yard also helps protect them from rogue mower blades in case you get too close while mowing.

Add a Rain Barrel

Help cut down on the cost of watering your lawn and garden by collecting rain that falls on your house every year. Adding a rain barrel to the bottom of a gutter system is quite easy and allows you to re-use that water instead of allowing it to run off into drains. Rainwater systems are available for purchase but consider making this addition to your yard even more eco-friendly by reusing an old barrel or container that you already have on hand. Simply place it underneath a gutter and make sure to put a lid on it if you are worried about pets or small children getting into the rain water.

downspout rain catcher
Lehman’s downspout rain catcher can help you collect rainwater for your garden. Available at Lehmans.com

Choose Biopesticides

No matter what kind of lawn you have there are bound to be insects that will show up and sometimes destroy your best efforts for lush lawn growth. Using harmful pesticides, that are widely available on the market, may get the job done but they leave behind chemicals that can be incredibly harmful. In order to regulate the insect population in your lawn, without totally wiping it out, consider choosing a biopesticide that is made from natural occurring elements. Biopesticides don’t have the unwanted leftover chemicals that can be harmful to pets and humans but they do help to keep tabs on an insect population by disrupting their mating patterns.

Cut Down On Overall Lawn Space

Do you really use every inch of your lawn on a weekly basis? If you find yourself yet again cutting an area of the lawn that saw no activity since the last time you cut it you may know your answer. A recent trend in eco-friendly lawn care involves the idea of cutting down on lawn space to make room for other kinds of gardening. Xeriscaping is a great way to harness the natural beauty of plants in your area while also cutting down on maintenance and water use. Another option is to make more of your outdoor lawn space usable for entertaining by adding a hardscape.

Go Electric or Hand-Powered

Gas mowers are very convenient but their emissions that they leave on the environment are somewhat questionable. Consider other forms of power for your mower and edging tools like electric options that plug-in. Other options include battery powered systems that are easy to take around the yard as well. If you want to cut down even further on energy consider using a hand-powered clipper or edge trimmer that will allow you to become the energy source.

mascot reel mower
Try a people-powered reel mower to go truly green. Just push to mow, no gas or electric needed! Available at Lehmans.com

There are many ways to care for your lawn in an eco-friendly manner. Consider spreading organic mulch or installing a rain barrel to add natural elements to your lawn. Other options like energy efficient lawn care tools and using biopesticides can greatly increase your lawn’s level of sustainability. Consider these tips when choosing an eco-friendly way to care for your lawn.


Rachel BaihnRachael Baihn is an avid gardener, both indoors and in her backyard sanctuary. She can often be found exploring the Austin greenbelt or enjoying the company of neighborhood dogs.


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