Our Customer Service is Seriously Hands-On!


Last week, Lehman’s Customer Service Representatives who are certified in Water Pumps and Grain Mills got a chance to get out of the office and take a “field trip” to our store for some valuable hands-on learning. Touching the product, seeing all the parts, and trying it out for yourself takes understanding to a whole new level!

Roger Myers, Retail Sales Clerk, was kind enough to set up a water pump demo that included:

  • Assembling a deep well pump, including the cylinder, drop pipe, and pump rod
  • Putting the assembled pump to work – by hanging it over the bridge into the 8″ “deep” creek out back (yes that’s inches, not feet) – you may laugh, but it worked!
  • A chance to pump a shallow well pitcher pump and also the EarthStraw





While at the store, we also made our way to the grain mill display so everyone could take a turn grinding each of the mills. This hands-on experience helps CSRs answer questions about the ease or the difficulty of grinding, which then allows them to help customers select the mill that will be just right for them. When asked, “Have you tried this mill yourself?”, they can now all answer “Yes!”



In case anyone is wondering, the grain we ground did not go to waste! One of our reps collected the flour from her group’s testing, took it home, and made some delicious homemade bread.


These trips and demos are just one of the ways we constantly work to ensure our customer service is second to none. We strive to be able to provide the best answers and help to you, our loyal customers!

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