Happy 80th Birthday, Jay Lehman!

On Tuesday, April 21st, Lehman’s founder Jay Lehman turns the big 8-0!

Jay Lehman
Jay Lehman

To celebrate, we’ve got lots of unexpected goodies in store (including a free product giveaway this Tuesday …

Little-known facts about Jay:

    • He has many names! According to daughter Glenda, family legend says the name on Jay’s birth certificate was supposed to read, “Ezra Lehman, Jr.” but was reversed to be “Jr. Ezra Lehman.” Because of this he was always known as Junior, or J.E. Lehman. These days he simply goes by “Jay.”
    • He has traveled to 72 different countries, including a long-term missions assignment in Africa in the early 1960s.
Jay - a few years ago
Jay – a few years ago
  • He has planted tens of thousands of trees in his lifetime (so far).
  • He is an avid (and very good) tennis player.
  • He has an affinity for old cars – and owns one: a 1923 Ford Model T.
Jay and his 1923 Model T
Jay and his 1923 Model T

If you’re in the northeast Ohio area this Tuesday (April 21st), stop by Lehman’s in Kidron to enjoy some special festivities in honor of Jay’s birthday. There will be free cake and balloons, 10% off all private-labeled, Lehman’s exclusive products, and each hour a drawing for an $80 gift certificate! Stop in and celebrate with us.

Watch the Lehman’s store walk-through video here.


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Wade (@rjwade)
12 years ago

Happy Birthday! There’s more than a few of us who would be pleased to shake your hand and deliver that in person. Hoping tuesday proves to be nothing short of exceptional. -wade

Nollie Neill Jr
Nollie Neill Jr (@nollie-neill-jr)
12 years ago



We’ve talked before, but never meet face to face, maybe this August. The Antique Stove Association Convention will be in Wilmot, so I know I’ll be by the store.

Have a wonderful Birthday and Be Safe.

Best Wishes Always,

Nollie Neill, Jr.
Glascock Stove Historian / Collector
Great, Great Grandson of Founder

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