Justin Rhodes is Coming to Lehman’s

Want to grow your own food or raise your own animals? Does it feel like everyone has it all figured out and you just don’t have the time, money, or knowledge to catch up? Where do you even start?

Justin and Rebekah Rhodes

Well, you start at Lehmans! Saturday, June 25th is The Country Living Workshop. Homesteader, YouTuber, and Crazy Chicken Ninja Master Justin Rhodes is going to give you the “10 Steps to Designing Your Best Homestead Ever”.

Joel Salatin says that you “can’t google experience,” and while it’s true that you don’t know what raising chickens or growing a garden will be like until you actually do it, Justin is going to condense all his trial and error over the year into this list that will jumpstart your success and help you know where to start on this journey.

You’ll get to hear from him and have a chance to meet him and his wife Rebekah, The Beautiful One, in this day long event.

When you don’t know where to start, you can be paralyzed and not ever get anywhere. Staying close to WHY you want to grow your own food and stay Rooted in a healthy and tight family life is the topic of Justin’s book and of his second talk of the day. “Cultivating Health and Wholeness Through Growing Your Own Food” is a talk about how it’s possible. Staying connected to why you’re going what you’re doing helps keep you going through the challenges along the way.

This is a FREE event. Even if you can’t stay for the talks, stop by for the meet and greets in between talks so you can meet the Chicken Ninja Master himself!

Updated 6/21/22 – This is a FREE event, no tickets required. Enjoy!

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Lowell Schrock
2 days ago

Im excited to meet the couple! so fun to have them in our area!

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